About Us

Tabibito opened in 2008 by the Yuen family, and was one of the first in Oslo to offer Asian crossover foods. The restaurant brought inspiration from all over Asia with a safe background in Chinese cuisine. One of the best Chinese chefs in Norway, Zheng Hongliang, joined us in 2011, which has made our cuisine even more exceptional. Our restaurant is located in the heart of the finest area for eating, drinking and nightlife around the National theatre, and is today led by Jan Yuen and his partner Helene Du.

Our logo consists of the complex Chinese character Kou Fu, where 口-kou means mouth and 福-fu means luck. The context is as easy as it is direct. In China they see a strong connection between eating and feeling lucky. Few places can compare to China when it comes to a long and rich food tradition, and in few cultures the food is given so much love and attention in daily life.

The love for food is what we wish to bring to you. At our place you will be served Asian food with an emphasis on dim sum, noodles and specialities from various asian cuisines.